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Scanning for technical vulnerabilities within infrastructure and websites can identify security exposures that need to be addressed, before attackers are able to exploit them. CSA’s Vulnerability Management Service offering provides continuous vulnerability scanning of endpoints, infrastructure, public facing networks & websites through a mixture of industry leading and NCSC approved agent and cloud based vulnerability scanners.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our automated agent-based vulnerability scanning tools enable clients to schedule or perform on-demand scans across a wide range of assets, including servers, workstations, mobile devices, network devices, and web applications. Once vulnerabilities are identified, our prioritisation system helps clients focus on the most critical vulnerabilities first, minimizing the risk of a potential breach.

We provide detailed remediation guidance and recommendations on how to mitigate identified vulnerabilities, including instructions on how to fix vulnerabilities, best practices for reducing risk, and recommended patches and updates.

Our comprehensive reporting and analytics features enable clients to track the status of their vulnerability management program. Reports can be customized and scheduled to meet the client's reporting needs.

Automated Endpoint Patching

CSA can also enhance the vulnerability management service by providing an endpoint patching service for customer’s desktops and laptops, ensuring that any software vulnerabilities identified through the scans are automatically patched as soon as the software vendors release required updates.

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