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Cyber Security Apprentice / Operator

The Cyber Security Industry is currently experiencing a great deal of demand for new eager and determined talent. The CSA Cyber Operator or SOC Apprentice position is CSA's answer to offer Individuals a foot in the door Into the Cyber Defence realm. The role provides the training, guidance, and experience necessary to become a Cyber Security Professional.

The Cyber Operator and Apprentice duties are like that of the Junior SOC Analyst You will play the role of a cyber detective, assisting with the monitoring of client facing networks for security issues (using multiple SIEM/log analysis toolsets) both proactively and reactively. You will also be exposed and assist with the Open-Source Intelligence services provided by the CSA SOC Team, performing Investigations Into external risk profiles of client organisations and Individuals.

The Cyber Operator and SOC apprentice role provides you as the analyst with the opportunity to grow and is an excellent opportunity for an individual who is passionate about progressing in the Cyber Industry and an analytical mindset to join CSA on our journey.


Cyber Security Analyst

The role of Cyber Security Analyst within CSA places you on the front line of cyber defence, detecting and responding to cyber-attacks on a day-to-day basis as they happen. You will play the role of the Cyber Detective, being responsible for monitoring client facing networks for security issues (using multiple SIEM/log analysis toolsets) both proactively and reactively. You will also perform CSA's Open-Source Intelligence services, performing investigations into external risk profiles of client organisations and individuals to inform clients on their exposed attack vectors and business risk.

You will be researching and identifying new and cutting-edge emerging threats to be on the front foot against the malicious actors to help shape and guide the security posture of the company and clients. You will play an active role in improving the service offerings of the CSA SOC by providing and assisting with the implementations of new ideas. Delving into the world of Threat Intelligence is another key area for our analysts as well as authoring blog posts and reports to share with the wider infosec community.

Cyber Security Engineer

The role of Cyber Security Engineer within CSA is to provide support to both clients and internal teams. This role means that the engineer gets the experience of both Security Operations (SECOPS) and Development Operations (DEVOPS). Helping to design, build and support systems and services, ensuring that they are at peak performance is a key role within CSA. Experience in Security, Applications and Infrastructure makes this role very diverse.


Cyber Security Developer

The role of Cyber Security Developer within CSA is to provide continual development of key technology offerings for our clients as part of Development Operations (DEVOPS). As well as continually supporting our existing platforms they work with cutting edge technology to help allow CSA to ensure that both the client experience and our internal teams get the best out of our products and services.

Cyber Security Consultant

The role of Cyber Security Consultant within CSA is to provide advice and guidance to our clients. This role is a mixture of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), with the addition of technical auditing and certification. CSA consultants have a wide range of experience and skill sets to be able to continue to give our clients the highest level of service possible.


Current Vacancies 

We are currently actively recruiting for a new role in the Security Operation Centre (SOC) team -   Threat Detection Engineer.
To download or view the job specification and further information click the button below:

Job Specification

Looking to join our cyber security team?

We are always on the lookout for talented people who are passionate about cyber security to join our growing team. Send us your CV to [email protected] if you’re interested in joining the UK’s leading cyber security service provider.

CSA is an equal opportunities provider and welcomes applications regardless of sex, marital status, ethnic origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age.