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The CSA penetration test is a point in time assessment of a company’s external, internal and public facing infrastructure. Its aim is to identify and confirm vulnerabilities, to allow the organisation to remediate any risks and weaknesses discovered.

The CSA penetration test exploits authentication issues, cross-site scripting problems, source code flaws, logic flaws, and insecure network configurations. We will test all of the software and all of the technical infrastructure that keeps your business systems up and running.

Our testing can cover your external facing infrastructure, such as websites, login portals, applications and cloud services. Furthermore, the test can focus on your internal infrastructure and look for vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your servers, switches, routers and end points.

Our team of certified and experienced testers will use a variety of commercially based tooling, alongside their own bespoke tools and techniques to provide a comprehensive report on what is both secure and what needs improving.

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