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Your people can be the strongest defence against the cyber threat. CSA has a variety of training and e-Learning courses, sessions and webinars that are suitable for any size business, that is looking to improve their cyber security knowledge.


CSA’s individual e-Learning courses are delivered through an interactive web-based portal, which deliver courses covering a wide range of cyber security issues, attacks, as well as other organisational issues including GDPR. The portal can be configured to deliver training on almost any subject, with course lengths ranging from 30-45 mins or as little as 5-10 mins for a shortened version.


Webinar Training

CSA’s cyber security webinar training is the perfect solution for remote learning when face-to-face sessions are not possible. Ideal for teams of 20-30, the webinar sessions are designed around specific subject matters delivered by our industry experts. These sessions are available as 1 or 2 hour sessions and are interactive with discussions and questions.


CSA’s expert-led desktop simulation exercises are realistic tests against an organisation’s cyber security environment and ecosystem. Our exercises are designed to test emergency, or specific cyber incident responses across multiple teams and stakeholders. Each bespoke exercise will deal with a specific subject matter and lasts for 1-2 days, with the potential to involve multiple participants.


Phishing Campaigns

Available to be scheduled as required, our one off or programmed bespoke phishing campaigns are designed to test incident response, validate training, or identify training gaps. These services do not require specialist infrastructure or technology and can be scheduled as part of an ongoing programme.

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