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Executive Summary

Following the global pandemic, the mass migration to remote working was a necessary move. As things have begun to return to the ‘new normal,’ however, we noticed that many sectors are planning to stick with remote and hybrid models of working and are therefore continuing to rely on the use of mobiles and tablets to routinely access corporate data. However, since iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices host a treasure trove of data, there’s an urgent need for these devices to be secured from the growing cyber threat.

With business IT and operational technology already monitored and detected by BorderPoint and protected by AppGuard, it was time to bring in a new solution that could provide ALL other devices with the same level of detection and protection.

Enter Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security!

At CSA, we are always on the lookout (see what we did there) to add high-class cyber security products and managed services to our existing portfolio so we can help our customers combat the latest cyber threats. That’s why we chose to add Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security to our portfolio as it monitors and protects all mobile devices against cyber threats. With this new solution, we are providing our corporate customers with the confidence to use their mobile devices as needed, without having to worry about potential cyber threats.

Combined with our existing solutions, we are now able to offer a full holistic cyber security managed service for all devices, with all alerts received and analysed by our 24/7 expert cyber team. This single view of cyber security will provide a quick response to any incident discovered, no matter what device it is discovered on.

So, what are some of the key benefits of Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security?

While the cyber threats on mobile devices are similar to desktops, securing them requires a completely different approach. Since the use of mobile devices goes hand in hand with the Cloud, an endpoint-to-cloud security solution makes the most sense to add to your architecture. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is an endpoint-to-cloud solution designed to address the ever-evolving mobile security requirements.

Delivered via the cloud, Lookout protects iOS, Android, and Chrome OS with endpoint detection and response built by expert threat researchers. Being cloud-based, it removes friction, increases usability and convenience, enables user freedom and reduces operational costs when compared to a collection of standalone solutions.

Powered by the Lookout Security Graph, it scales to hundreds of thousands of endpoints, uses an optimised lightweight app for processor performance and battery life, and cloud modules enable CSA customers to customise the solution to meet their needs.

Whether you accidentally download an app riddled with malware or are the unfortunate target of the latest ransomware or phishing scam, you can rely on Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security to protect you at all points. In the event of a threat or attack, our cyber security team is on hand to provide step-by-step guidance to investigate the breach and how to prevent it.

With Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, cybercriminals don’t stand a chance!

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